The galleries of my work are divided into thirteen categories: Jerusalem, Landscapes, Eucalyptus Series, Nature Prints, Flowers, Family History, Creatures, Figures, Shells and Spirals, Tree Motifs, Abstracts, Birds, and Bird and Hand. Click on an image to enlarge it. Continue to the next by clicking near the top right of the image; view the previous by clicking near the top left.

I have been exploring the range of possibilities of the monotype and monoprint. Monotypes and monoprints are unique in printmaking as they are "one of a kind" prints. Usually people think of prints as art work that has multiples that are identical as in an edition of lithographs or etchings. Each of my prints is the only one of its kind. Although other prints might be related, there are no duplicates. I work on plastic "plates" applying inks with a variety of brayers and brushes and also make use of natural objects, stencils, and smaller plates. Some of my monoprints start on styrofoam plates that I can incise.

My work is about layers, the building up of values, relationships, meanings. Every time we peel away or add one layer, we are confronted with a new one, sometimes a new challenge, sometimes a new understanding. I use different viscosities of ink to create pattern and texture and my prints are the result of many trips through the press. Each print literally has many layers. My work is informed by my interest in the natural world, Judaic folk art and my family history.

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