Nature Prints

I am a member of the Nature Printing Sociey, an international organization. After attending several annual conferences, I began using natural forms even more frequently in my work. I have always been interested in the natural world and it has continually informed all of my art making. En route to the Nature Printing Society conference in North Carolina, we stopped In Tennessee at Sycamore Shoals. I was shown a beloved sycamore tree that had grown from a seed that a local astronaut had taken to the moon. I figured the leaves I gathered from that tree were probably as close to the moon as I would ever get. Those leaves and that story inspired many of my prints that incorporate sycamore leaves.

Falling Red Swirls

East West 4

To The Moon and Back

Been to the Moon

Sycamore Glow

Above and Below

Sycamore Dance 1

Sycamore Dance 2

Black Sycamore Rising


Maple Points

Field Flowers


Leaf Balloons

Leaf Dancers

Memories of Colorado


Maple Collage


Sycamore Collage

Remembering Sweet Ferns